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Recruiting Best Quality Service Staff

Lube Stop prides itself for having The Best Quality Service Staff thanks to its recruitment and training practices.

To provide for this level of quality, Lube Stop implemented a stringent screening process.  This process uses intense scrutiny in both reviewing resumes and performing interviews.   As a result, only those who meet Lube Stop’s Best Quality Service Staff criteria levels get hired.

Training Service Staff

Once hired, Lube Stop technicians undertake extensive training to ensure quality workmanship policies are clearly understood and followed.  This includes technical training, procedural training and customer service training.  We do this so that the technicians are aware of all the expectations of their employment from day to day.  And, of course, those expectations include both the manager and the customers.

Lube Stop employs these practices because they wish ensure that all customers have a good experience while at their stores.  Naturally these practices apply to both junior and senior level staff alike.

Quality Service Mentorship

In that spirit, we use a mentoring program internally to help junior level staff understand the “rules of the road” by shadowing senior level staff when time permits.

Reviewing Staff Performance

To ensure this practice is working as it should, Lube Stop asks customers to fill out a review at the end of each service visit.  This review includes a 1-5 star rating.  If any of our technicians are responsible for low ratings, the manager discusses the circumstances with them and then makes recommendations to improve their performance for the next time.  This is a key step in monitoring everyone’s customer service performance.

Pipeline of Quality Resumes

Because Lube Stop likes to have potential candidates in the pipeline at all times, they welcome any mechanic or technician interested in our business model to submit an application.  We then keep it on file and call if an opportunity comes up.

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