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Lube Stop provides the best price and value for lube and tire services in the vicinity of this store.  We’re able to make this claim thanks to the efficiencies we’ve built into our business operations in the 4 areas listed below.

Best Price & Value Efficiencies

  1. Firstly, we built strong supplier relationships that allow us to bulk purchases provide for heavily discounted quality service products and supplies.
  2. Secondly, we streamlined internal processes with the help of technology to provide for maximum operational efficiencies.
  3. Next, we recruited and trained top talented staff including technicians and mechanics.
  4. And finally, we built a network of sources who had access to supplier rebates and coupons that we are able to pass along to our customers.

The resulting efficiencies enabled Lube Stop to transfer some of their own cost savings to customers.  That has resulted in lower prices per service as well as added value.

So, in summary, Lube Stop is now in a very good position to make claim to having the best price and value lube services in the vicinity.

Comparisons to Competition

Specifically, our prices are generally about 10% lower than competition.  But more importantly, our value is about 30-40% higher thanks to the added value we’ve achieved.  For example, we perform a 37+ point inspection along with fluid testing each time you come to our store for a service.  This is so that we can detect any other service items you may need to think about in addition to the ones you are getting.  These tests will also help us determine when services you planned for are NOT necessary.  This saves you money in the short and long term.

Don’t Forget Perks

In addition to this, we also have a comprehensive set of perks that can save you additional money.  These perks include rebates, coupons, promotions and loyalty programs.  Check out our Best Perks & Extra Savings offers to learn more.  And, start your additional savings today!

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