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Lube & Oil Environmental Stewardship are taken seriously at Lube Stop.  That’s because we respect future generations of human and environmental plant life.  That respect is shown in the steps we take to safeguard our environment.

We all know that many products and practices used by various lube and oil shops across Canada to service vehicles can potentially cause harm to the planet.  This is if they are not handled properly with the right environmental stewardship practices.  So, we’re here to do our part, as everyone should.  For the sake of future generations of human and other life on the planet, we all need to do our part.

Our Environmental Practices

Lube Stop goes the extra mile for the environment.  Our efforts to protect our employees, customers, general public and the planet are second to none.  Our list below details our efforts.

  • We recycle used lube fluids and oils.
  • Also, we purchase our lube and oil in bulk to reduce excessive packaging.
  • Additionally, we use licensed collection vendors to pick up and recycle used filters, bottles and cardboard packaging regularly.
  • We also welcome the public to return used lube and oil products as well as filters to us for recycling.
  • And, we use earth friendly soaps.
  • And as preventative steps, we’ve installed environmental interceptor systems.  These prevent automotive fluids, dirt and debris from entering into the fresh water system.
  • As part of that prevention, we also installed monitors in shops to track levels of gasses along with alarms for flood or fire detection.
  • We have emergency response procedures in place to handle lube or oil spills.
  • And finally, we follow safety hazard protocols outlined in Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS) regulations.  This ensures the safe handling of hazardous material.

So, we’ve gone to great lengths to implement a very good Lube & Oil Environmental Stewardship program.

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