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Lube Stop’s Loyalty Program Points and Perks are meant to reward loyal customers.  Once you are registered with us, we track all your service visits and add points to your account for each dollar spent.  These points increase each time you visit and can be redeemed towards your bill at any point you wish.  The rewards vary in each store, but amount to additional savings one way or another.

Rewards and Perks from Loyalty Program

There are a variety of ways to use your rewards.  Sometimes, we reward customers with discounts on certain services.  Other times, we give them promotional discounts.  And still, other times, we offer extra services free for charge.  These vary month to month and store to store.  So, it’s best to ask what the most recent loyalty program promotion is each time you visit our store.

To track these reward offerings, we require you to register with our website for Promotions, Sales, Discounts and Rebates.  The registration form to do this is found on the home page and also at the bottom of most service description pages.  It is also provided through a pop-up when you first enter the website.

Once you register, we add you to our weekly mailing list to notify you of any of these Loyalty Rewards promotions coming up.  So, register with us and keep an eye out for our emails.

Redeeming your Points and Perks

The Loyalty Program Points and Perks can be redeemed at the store when you are ready to apply them to help reduce your next bill or to enjoy the different promos each month.  Just mention this at the time of service when paying the bill.

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