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What are Fleet Accounts?

Lube Stop offers fleet accounts to businesses with multiple vehicles in need of servicing.  These accounts help businesses to organize and track their vehicle maintenance better.  All you need to do to get started is fill out this application.  We, at Lube Stop use this information to perform a credit check.  This check ensures you have the credit worthiness required.

Once you are approved, we set you up in our in-house credit system.  Immediately, we start logging your services and invoices right away.  Then, we start sending out monthly billing statements.  As you pay, we track your account balances.

Fleet customers are able to use all the regular services we provide for all clients.  These many services are listed throughout the website.   Fortunately, fleet customers receive additional benefits.  These additional benefits are listed below.

  • employees qualify for early or late servicing to avoid line ups
  • fleets get monthly billing statements and service reports
  • employees get fleet discounts for their families
  • employees are welcome at any Lube Stop

Services Covered by Credit Account

All participants in your fleet account can stop by Lube Stop for any of our many services.  Click on the links below to learn more about these services.  Also, click on the link that explains what Lube Stop does to ALWAYS make precise recommendations for services based on what your vehicle needs – not what we want to sell.  This is important since it’s the main difference between us and them.

Lube Services

Tire Services

Auto Parts Services

Precision Based Recommendations

Other Services – Just for Fleets

In addition to regular services, Lube Stop provides an array of other services for our fleet customers.  Firstly, we provide priority scheduling of vehicles for regular scheduled fleet maintenance programs.  Secondly, we provide monthly consolidated billing and reporting.  Thirdly, we also provide account management through a single individual.  In addition to that, we provide multiple location servicing.  And finally, we offer early/late hour servicing.  Oh!  And don’t forget about our discounts for fleet employees AND their friends and family.  These savings are always welcome.

Lube Stop provides full service auto maintenance services for fleet customers.  This means we provide complete lube and oil services including oils, lubricants, fluids, filters, belts, hoses and more.  Additionally, we provide full tire services including rotations, swaps, new tires, wheel alignments and more.  And, in some locations, we also include parts & repair services.  And as an added benefit, we also provide 15+ safety checks each time a vehicle enters our bays.

As you can see, we are a full service one stop shop.  There is no need to go elsewhere.

What are Families & Individuals Accounts?

Lube Stop provides Fleet and Customer Credit Applications to all our customers.  We do this so families and individuals can also use credit accounts where desired.  They, too appreciate the benefits of organized and regular billing.  Once approved, you are able to immediately start using our services and receiving monthly billing statements.

So, if you are a business that uses fleet vehicles, stop by.  Or, if you are an individual or family with multiple vehicles, you’re welcome, too.   We’ll help you complete the credit application and get started.  So, assuming you have a good credit rating, this will not take long at all to set up.  So, don’t delay.  Apply today!

Once your fleet and customer credit application is approved, you can start enjoying the use of your new credit account.  All services at Lube Stop qualify.  Those services are listed throughout our website. So, check the services out and then drop by so we can get you going.

Get started by downloading the form below.

Fleet & Customer Credit Applications Download


Lube Stop services are consistent across service areas.  So, your fleet employees are not limited to having service in just your home location.  Instead, we welcome them at any Lube Stop shop.

Which Towns and Cities are in our Fast Lube Service area for Fleets?

Our lube shop and tire shop service area includes the following towns and cities listed below.

  • Blackfalds, Alberta
  • Clive, Alberta
  • Bentley, Alberta
  • Red Deer, Alberta
  • Ponoka, Alberta
  • Millet, Alberta
  • Rimbey, Alberta
  • Alix, Alberta
  • Penhold, Alberta
  • Benalto, Alberta
  • Hobbema, Alberta
  • Delburne, AB
  • Bluffton, Alberta
  • Innisfail, Alberta
  • Lousana, Alberta
  • Bashaw, Alberta
  • Leslieville, Alberta
  • Wetaskiwin, Alberta
  • Stettler, Alberta

However, we also service fleet accounts for businesses from other parts of Saskatchewan and Alberta if their travels find them near any of our Lube Stops in these provinces.  So, if you’re a business involved in travel throughout Western Canada, call us.  We will certainly get you set up to take good care of your fleet vehicles because your account applies at all our stores.

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