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Lube Stop offers cheaper and faster service than dealerships do for completing ALL dealership scheduled maintenance services.  You need not pay more and wait longer!

The myth that you must take your car to your dealer is terribly false.  It needs to be dispelled.  This misleading advice is unfair to consumers and leads to more cost and inconvenience.  There is absolutely NO reason you must take your vehicle to your dealer for servicing.

We access the same system they do to determine your vehicle’s service maintenance schedule and warranty information.  Plus, we also track your service maintenance records each time you visit.  Dealerships seldom do the same.

When our customers come to us instead, we order their service supplies and parts from the same suppliers.  We also install them with the same level of trained technicians and mechanics.  Additionally, we can do the same warranty work your dealer does.  And finally, we add all our other internal steps to your servicing visit including our regular 37+ point inspection and fluid testing services.

Because Lube Stop offers lower pricing, shorter wait times and added value, we wonder why would you ever go back to your dealer for these things.

Below is a list of the many scheduled maintenance services offered by Lube Stop that meet all your OEM Dealership Scheduled Maintenance requirements.  So, there really is no reason to ever return to your dealer’s expensive garage again.

We also have great perks to offer in addition to our low pricing.  These perks can save you even more.  They include coupons, rebates, sales, store bucks and draws.  Check these out on our Perks page.

So, think of us next you take your vehicle in for regular scheduled maintenance services.  We think you’ll be pleased.

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