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If you wish to apply for a franchise and join the team of stores at Lube Stop, please fill out the application on this page and submit it for review.  We’d be happy to hear from you.

Lube Stop Systems, Inc. is a full lube service company with franchises in both Alberta and Saskatchewan.  And, we’re quickly expanding throughout Western Canada.  We offer services in several areas including those listed below.

We require this pre-screening step prior to engaging with prospects.  This helps us to ensure that our potential franchisee’s are qualified before spending too much time on the matter.  There’s a great deal of due diligence involved, so please help us in this process by first completing this form below to apply for a franchise.

If you wish to learn more, please check out the corporate website:  Lube Stop Systems, Inc.

There are many reasons to consider a Lube Stop franchise.  Firstly, Lube Stop continually scouts out new locations and assists new franchise owners with planning and assessment of the location.  Secondly, we use our well defined processes for starting new franchises, running new franchises and marketing new franchises.  Next, Lube Stop takes a serious hands-on approach to assisting new franchisees throughout the life of the business.  So, the franchise owner is NEVER left without support.  And finally, we never stop researching, adapting, testing and building new methods, disciplines and best practices.

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